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For history purposes, I should mention that the website went online and available to the public on Friday, 16th February 2007.

In just over a week I have had over 200 people visit the site and over 7200 hits.

90.3% of those people use a Windows operating system, 5.3% Linux, 3.5% Macintosh and the rest unknown.

To my surprise 47.3% use Firefox while 41.5% Internet Explorer, 6.1% Opera and the rest is just small fish. I thought most would still be using Internet Explorer.

I have made small changes to the site, mainly code wise from suggestions I received. One or two people said that the website is dull. The whole point is to keep things simple, easy to navigate and the colours do a great job. Looking from a professional point of view the website is excellent, at least that’s what I have been told by people that are in the web design business and I happen to agree with them :)

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