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End of semester

I have been doing UNI work flat out that I haven’t had time to update the site.

The semester is finally over but I still have exams and a major project to complete. Once that is over at the end of the month expect another update from me :)

I need to complete my internship so I have applied for a few places. Fingers crossed I get one of the jobs.

If anyone is wondering how football is going, I can tell you that we are 1st on the table.

On the weekend friends and I went bowling which was fun, it always is. After playing three games we went to the city for dinner. I got myself Chicken Laksa and it was the best Chicken Laksa I ever had :D

I have also made a new Website (CyberTone Systems) which you can find in the portfolio > web section.

Well, this has been a small update brought to you by Beno. Now back to my exam study, wish me luck.

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